Incredible Dog Shower

Incredible Dog Shower


We have worked with Innovate UK Edge and the National Composite Centre to create a mould so that the Incredible Dog Shower can now be produced using RIFT manufacture, Gordon McDonough, Senior Innovation and Growth Specialist from Innovate UK  EDGE who empower innovation-driven businesses, said that he has been working with Rebecca and Mark for over a year, supporting the design and development of the dog shower and that it has been a great project to work on.

Leah Rider Head of SME & off the shelf delivery at the National Composites Centre who deliver world class research and development of composites, said when the Incredible Dog Shower product was pitched to us, we all thought that’s an amazing idea, congratulations to the team.

The team at MPM Ltd are excited to be working with a client so passionate about their idea and to bring a new, innovative, and quality product to market.  MPM also had the additional bonus of developing a new tool set and product using the RIFT process.

The dog shower is designed and manufactured in the UK and is protected by UK design rights, trademarked, patent pending, CE marked and meets household appliance regulations EN60335.

After several years of development, we are now very proud to bring to market the first home dog shower. We are bringing to market the small dog shower while developing the bigger sizes, register your interest on the website or phone 07834 692044.