The Incredible Dog Shower

Our Mission is to change people’s approach to everyday dog washing through a new and innovative product, that improves the quality of life for dogs and their owners.

The Incredible Dog Shower is a new and innovative solution that makes washing dogs easier.

A kind and comfortable at-home shower experience, designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest quality standards. It is simple to install; safe and compliant; improves household hygiene and reduces the risk of injury for dogs and their owners.

The Incredible Dog Shower can seamlessly integrate with other domestic appliances in kitchens and boot rooms, or simply stand-alone in a garage or outbuilding.

A Dog in the Incredible Dog Shower

Designed Specifically for Dogs
Trigger spray for focussed flow direction
Fur Trap – prevents blockages

Contains the mess & reduces wear & tear on household items
Dirt and debris are contained, keeping the living accommodation clean
Improved hygiene – reduces contamination – food, dog poo, diseases

Kind, at-home experience
Bonding time for owners and dogs
A warm dog shower after a cold, muddy walk
No shivering outside with a hosepipe
Alternative to grooming dogs – not all dogs like grooming parlours
Dogs’ Own comfortable space that is readily available – no waiting for the bathroom or sink

Limits the risk of physical injury to you & your dog
Reduces risk of back injury – no need to carry dogs upstairs, or lift the dog into the sink Reduces risk of dog falling from height
Makes washing dogs easier for individuals with existing health conditions

Frenchie in the Dog Shower

Seamlessly Integrates
Design & quality of materials and finish is of a high standard.
Excellent design and aesthetic appeal.

Simple To Install & Uninstall
As simple as installing a washing machine.
Wherever water, drainage and power are available.
Take the dog shower with you when you move.

Environmentally Conscious
Trigger spray to limit water use.
End-of-life fibreglass can be broken down by steam reducing need to go to landfill.

Safe & Compliant
Integral thermostatic valve regulates water temperature.
EN60335 household appliance compliant.

Small dog in the Incredible Dog Shower
The dog shower saves time in terms of both cleaning and effort. Mud is contained to the utility room instead of the upstairs bathroom or the alternative – shivering outside with the hosepipe!
The design, quality of materials and finish is of a high standard, our dogs were initially a little hesitant with the shower but very quickly got used to it and now jump straight in after their walks with no problem.
Overall, it’s an excellent design and product that I will recommend to others. Bonnie and Maisie are now enjoying warm showers after their particularly muddy walks! This has made cleaning them after a walk so much easier.
We have been washing our spaniels in a butler sink for years and generally turning the utility room into a swamp. Oh how much easier is the shower! Molly and Midge are perfectly happy using it and it makes their very muddy spaniel walks so much less stressful, knowing a lovely hot shower is waiting and I can get them really clean. Thank you for making my life so much easier!

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